Saturday, November 3, 2012

Evil Perfectionism Gremlins

Day 3 of Nanowrimo, and I've already found myself procrastinating my writing time.  Which is silly because I have this idea, and I want to write it.  But the little perfectionism gremlin has come sneaking out to growl at me that my ideas are incomplete and I haven't done all my research and this won't turn out exactly the way it should or I want.

And you want to know something about that gremlin?  She's evil and she's wrong.  (And she must be a she because it's just far too creepy to think about male perfectionism gremlins living in my brain.)

Well, she's part wrong, anyway.  I don't expect this to get formulated according to some fully-thought-out plan because I avoided having one in order to allow for flexibility.  I didn't outline so that I could write whatever the heck I wanted and decide what to kill and what to keep later.

And yes, by that, I mean it's possible that in the course of my story characters my day.  But never fear: only fictional beings will be harmed in the creation of this tale.

Anyway, I'm just writing this in my blog as a way of saying: YOU'RE WRONG, GREMLIN.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have a novel to write.

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