Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In Which I Think Some More About Fairy Tales

It's probably the fault of Once Upon a Time, and maybe other stuff too, but fairy tales have very  much been on my mind of late.  I've also been reading them off and on before bed, and let me tell you: a little Grimm before hitting the sack sometimes results in some very, very weird dreams.

Fairy tales are fascinating me because at first I thought them the answer to dystopia, but then I realized that I was thinking about the nice Disney-fied versions of fairy tales.  Not the versions in which stepsisters actually chop off parts of their feet to get them to fit into slippers, and where the consequences for being a bad guy are quite frequently...really, really bad.

And yet I still find myself convinced that's at least part of the reason that I enjoy some of these fairy tales: there are consequences.  The good are rewarded, and the bad are anti-rewarded.  They're very much not like real life that way.

Not, mind you, that I think that anyone deserves to have their eyes pecked out or anything...

Anyway, what this also made me realize is that fairy tales and the current popular dystopic tales actually have this in common: this idea of consequences, that you have to live with choices that you make, and even if you can't know all of the consequences of those choices...there will be consequences.

Strange to realize that I find I like fairy tales because everyone doesn't live happily ever after...

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